Way to go Joe!

Joe Kindred joined our team of culinary chefs in 2002 fresh out of Johnson & Wales, Charleston. He was our very first J&W intern. We could see that at that age he was exceptionally ardent about food and was eager to learn. All he wanted to do was to cook, learn and continue to develop the already refined palate he had. I could also tell the only thing he was more passionate about than food, was his family. These two admirable qualities that Joe possess have never changed, but have grown even deeper in his heart.

I enjoyed working with Joe from the very beginning and as a young apprentice he hung on every word of instruction from my team and I. We KNEW he was a extraordinarily talented young man and was going to go far in the world of food. As he left Charlotte for Chicago in 2004 we were so excited about the opportunity of Joe’s working with Charlie Trotter, but after he arrived he chose to work with Rick Tramonto at Tru, where because of his genuine love and hunger quickly rose in the ranks to sous chef. He also worked at the Pump Room where he met his future bride. He returned to Noble’s as chef de cuisine for a stint before going to Italy and San Francisco where Joe found a great home at Delfino - where’s Joe’s affinity for pasta was fed by one the country’s best chef’s took him under his wing.

Joe returned to Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen around 2008-2009 where he became the exec chef, managing partner until he left to open Kindred Restaurant.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Joe and all he is doing and is going to do. One of the most rewarding things is to have a small part in the “raising up” of young talent and watching them grow, but it’s also the hardest to have to let them go, especially when you have a heart as I do for a young man like Joe. I love him like a son and I am so proud of his heart. He is still one of the hungriest and dedicated food chefs in the rising sea of young chefs, but no one will surpass his love and vigor for his family!

Way to go Joe with the Bon Appetit's Top 50 for Best New Restaurant & Bon Appetit's Best Pasta Dishes of 2015 Awards!

With much love and admiration, 

Chef Jim Noble