Chef Jim Noble

The Legend of Beulah

I like to say that my grandfather grew up in Iredell County before Iredell County was cool. They lived on the land between Mocksville and Harmony and the whole lot of kids - my eleven great aunts and uncles - had these unusual country names that are unforgettable. Great names like Flossie, Stamie and Beulah, they are the characters of my childhood. When we decided to name the smokers in our growing collection I immediately thought of them because for me, barbecue is personal. It’s full of family traditions. It makes legends. Our newest addition, Beulah, named after my great aunt and measuring over twenty-five feet long has become a bit of a legend herself.  Custom built, she fits fifty to sixty pork butts, allowing us to produce over six hundred pounds of barbecue at a time for events. 

Being out with a big group, manning the smoker and swapping stories is a part of my roots; it’s something I have always loved to do. And as we launch our latest venture, Noble Smoke, I’m doing just that. With Noble Smoke I seek to honor barbecue legends that came before us who not only did it right but did it well. Folks here in North Carolina like Pete Jones of Skylight Inn in the east and Wayne Mock of Lexington BBQ in the Piedmont, these are the kind of establishments that have stayed true to cooking with wood through the generations, and worked to transform the “blue plate special” into a time-honored craft. I’m grateful for the opportunity to follow their lead.

As we roll into this holiday season of family, traditions and gatherings I invite you to give us a call to bring our heartfelt bbq to your upcoming event. For those that want to personally experience the sight and smell of wood-fired smoke on location, just let us know. With legendary Beulah in tow, I’m always up for visiting new places and swapping stories with new faces.