Chef Jim Noble

Taste of 25

The restaurant business is not for the faint of heart... or stomach. Anyone who's lived it can attest. Something like 60% of restaurants fail in their first year and over 80% are closed within five. From day one you have some hefty odds stacked up against you.

I share this just to give you a little context as to why we are so humbled and honored to share our latest news. This spring marks a pretty significant milestone for us at Rooster’s, A Noble Grille: 25 years in business. Hard to believe, but true! 

It all started with A Noble Grille, “The Original Rooster’s” in Winston-Salem over at 380 Knollwood across from Thruway Shopping Center. One hundred seasons and nine thousand days of our lives later and we're still committed to quality ingredients and wood-fired cooking right where it all began. To celebrate we packed up the big girl, Beulah, hit the road and hosted a great big party for those who have helped make this achievement possible. We enjoyed tastes of the old, samplings of the new and drinks that were just plain good. 

It was one of those perfect 70-degree-springtime-in-the-Carolinas-kind-of-afternoons. Wood-fired smoke, a big table full of sides to share, good wine, fellowship, slow cooking and sunshine... twenty-five years later and I still can't think of anything better.