Rooster's SouthPark

Rooster’s Kitchen has a new (digital) look.

The opening of Rooster’s Uptown was a source of great pride for me and my team; it has raised the bar for us in many ways. It also forced us to look at everything through a different lens. With two Roosters now, and hopes for more, we have to really narrow our focus onto what defines us. What makes us who we are? What is our story?

After reflecting on this, most of the answers came naturally. The foundation of what we do as a company has always been to strive for excellence, never compromise on quality and my team and I are always looking for talent, inspiration and ways to step up our game. The rustic interior, use of antiques and local craftsman is certainly part of who we are. Of course there is our people and all the relationships we have built over the years with our purveyors and guests. We also support our local community and most of all, we take care of people.

But how do we best communicate this story?

As we launch our new website and look to the future, we are so very proud that The Plaid Penguin has helped us share the story of what we do and why. If you take a look at the website on desktop you can get a look into what our typical day looks like; from mobile you can save us as a contact and call us with the click of a button. This website filled with photos and video tells our story, and are worth far more than a thousand words. To us, they’re priceless.

We proudly present the new