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Meet Uptown’s New Executive Chef, Allen Evans

Executive Chef Allen Evans, Rooster’s Uptown

A graduate of Johnson & Wales’ former Charleston campus, Chef Evans comes to the Rooster’s Uptown family with a wealth of knowledge gathered in kitchens from around the Carolinas. His Greensboro, North Carolina roots have him well versed in Southern cuisine. And with training and experience in French, Italian and Spanish-style kitchens, Chef Evans makes the perfect addition to the Noble Food and Pursuits family. Please join us in giving him a warm welcome!

What is your favorite thing so far about working at Rooster’s?

I love the dedication to supporting local farms and using the freshest ingredients.  A few favorites that I introduced to the Uptown kitchen are Lucky Clay’s – superior aquaponic-grown lettuces and herbs, Middleground Farms – microgreens and seasonals, and Burton Farms – so much fruit, corn and tomatoes. Tomato season is particularly exciting. A recent dish featured heirlooms with white miso cured cabbage, red onion, marinated fennel, tomato oil and lemon basil. Everything, including the miso, was grown in North Carolina.

What is your favorite dish to make?

My training is classic French. So that does tend to come through. Also, it feels a bit obvious to say, but Southern food is a staple. Seeing how much people enjoy eating it makes the making a good time. There isn’t really one specific dish I’d say is my favorite to make though. I’m more about the process of getting to the finished product. Long cooked meats, fermentation and such – there’s so much satisfaction to be gained from the process.

What is it about the Noble name that made you interested in Rooster’s?

Chef Noble and the restaurant group as a whole have such a strong reputation. This is a tough business to be in and to stay in. Rooster’s has been in Charlotte for over a decade – I believe 12 years for the SouthPark location and 6 for Uptown. There’s consistency in high-quality food and service, as well as creativity in keeping ahead of this fast-paced industry.