Rooster's Uptown

Meet Tammy Winchester

Tammy Winchester is one of our best managers, and has been with us at the Rooster's Uptown location for 3.5 years. She brings much hospitality experience to the table, having worked in various restaurant environments throughout her career. She's an extremely important part of our family.

A little bit about Tammy...

Informal training:

Years of experience, 3.5 between Rooster's South Park & Rooster's Uptown location.

Favorite dish (ether that you create or like to eat)?


Favorite thing about working with the Noble Food & Pursuits group?

Chef Noble has been great to work for because of his farm to table concept and focus on family.

What are you most passionate about as it relates to your job?

My passion lies in making sure my staff has all the necessary tools to give our guests a memorable experience through food, drink and great service.

What is your favorite part of the Uptown location?

We're right in the middle of the city and so many great venues: TWC Arena, Belk Theatre, etc.

Best piece of advice Chef Jim Noble has shared with you?

Family always comes first.

Best work accomplishment?

Learning what it takes to run a successful restaurant; I feel that I have learned every aspect.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Spend time with my family and work out.

Manager Pro Tip?

Always smile.