Our Chefs

Meet Pastry Chef Maris Pedersen Ochoa


The Noble Food and Pursuits family is excited to announce our newest addition, Chef Maris Pedersen Ochoa, who will lead pastry development and production for all of our dining locations. A graduate of Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, her love of pastry making began as a child in her mother and nanny’s (grandmother) kitchens and shines through in everything from ice cream to buttermilk pie and beyond.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories in the kitchen?
Baking with my mom and nanny, who is my grandmother. It was they who introduced me to baking. We are a 50 percent Norwegian family, so one of my earliest memories and a tradition that continues today is making kringle, a traditional Scandinavian short dough with pate choux and a thin almond glaze. It’s simple, it’s delicious, it’s my childhood.

What do you enjoy most about baking?
My favorite thing about baking is the invitation it presents. Being able to offer something hand-made to someone and brighten their day… it is the most special feeling. Food is joyful and meant to be shared.

What are you most excited for working with Noble Food and Pursuits?
I am excited to be a part of this team because it is not just about the food. It is much more multifaceted and intrinsic than that. It’s about serving, engaging and fostering a community, doing everything with excellence and creating a great product. Noble is a team that is brave enough to dream big dreams and then pursue them.

Chef Maris’ experience includes pastry making and baking at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, Morehead Inn, consulting in the opening of uptown Charlotte’s Amelie’s French Bakery and more. So, next time you dine with us, be sure to leave room for dessert!