Meet Chef Austin Kosater

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Chef de Cuisine Austin Kosater, the newest member of our Rooster’s Southpark family! Since graduating from Johnson & Wales in 2013, Kosater has traveled and trained in West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Charleston and Asheville under many of the region’s top chefs. We’re thrilled to have him back and Charlotte and now part of the Noble Food & Pursuits family!


What originally got you into cooking?
My parents were both school teachers, which meant there wasn’t an overabundance of time in the morning or the evening. But no matter how busy things were, a meal was always ready for the family.

I was about 12 the first time I actually made a meal for myself. I remember not liking what my mom was making, saying something smart and being told to make my own meal then. Whatever it was, I’m sure it was awful. But I got better … having watched my mom and grandmother for years gave me a solid head start. 


What is your favorite thing to make?
That’s a tough question… I do really enjoy Southern cooking, which is something I’m excited to continue exploring at Roosters. Pasta and roast chicken are definitely go-to items. At the heart of what I enjoy most is, I think, simplicity in ingredients. As long as it’s done well, a meal doesn’t need to be complicated to be amazing.


What is it about Roosters and the Noble family you’re most excited about?When I interviewed with Chef Noble, I could feel his passion for food, but also for service. And that really impacted me. “Restore” is the root word for restaurant, and Chef Noble so clearly makes the total guest experience a priority across the board.