Meet Bread Maker Kevin Ventura

Don’t let his age fool you – Kevin Ernesto Aquino Ventura may be young (just 23), but he brings a wealth of culinary and life experience to the Noble Food & Pursuits family.

Born in El Salvador, Ventura began studying cuisine and working in restaurants and bakeries around his home town at the age of 17. Upon graduation he took a leap of faith and moved to Spain where he worked in a three-star Michelin kitchen. In speaking with Ventura, it is clear this incredible opportunity was a turning point in his career. From the techniques he learned, to the people he met, the experience greatly impacted his approach to food.

After six-months, Ventura returned to El Salvador and then emigrated to the United States with his mother and two sisters. Within 6-months of his arrival, he started working in the Noble Food and Pursuits bakery. Bread was a new art form, but an exciting challenge to take on. Noble Food & Pursuits is thankful to call Kevin Ernesto Aquino Ventura family and looks forward to an exciting future with him!

What has been your most inspiring experience as a chef?
When I went to Spain, I experienced a style of cooking that was completely new to me. The vision the chef’s I was working with had and the way they executed dishes blew my mind. It’s difficult to explain the exact feeling, but it was incredibly inspiring. More so than ever before, I became a sponge and soaked up every bit of information possible. This passion for learning is now part of me, in every challenge I take on.

What is it you enjoy most about making bread?
With bread, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. There are so many variables to consider, and only so many of them you’re able to control. Every day we test, taste and learn. We are constantly working towards baking an even better bread than our last best loaf, which is challenging yet very exciting.

What is it about being part of the Noble Food & Pursuits family that means the most to you?
When I started with Noble Food & Pursuits, I had very little experience in breadmaking. But they took a chance on me. That they trusted my commitment to learning and working hard means everything. The environment in the bakery is wonderful, and in the end this doesn’t really feel like a job since both the people and the work are so close to my heart.