Rooster's SouthPark

Meet Andrew Mottershead

Manager Andrew Mottershead has been with Noble Food & Pursuits for four years at our Rooster's location in Southpark Charlotte. Encouraged by customer feedback we selected him as our staff highlight for the month. We are honored to have Andrew as part of our family!

Here's a little bit about him in his own words... 

Any informal training?
I have worked in the restaurant industry since I was 18. I have held every kind of position from line cook to dishwasher to bartender and now manager.

What is your favorite thing about Rooster's Southpark?
The community-feel of the restaurant. We do a lot of volume but are able to maintain a feeling of a small family restaurant.

What is your favorite table at your location?
It really depends on your mood. I enjoy the chef’s counter where you can watch the chefs cooking your meal; it feels a little more relaxed. But if I am bringing my girlfriend for a more romantic dinner, I prefer to sit in a booth where it feels more private.

Favorite dish?
Grilled Duck Breast - it is the best thing on our menu.

Why do you love working for the Noble Food & Pursuits group?
It is nice to work in a restaurant that promotes having a life outside of work. Also, there is great camaraderie across the restaurants. While we don’t get to see people from the other restaurants too often, we always feel like the best of friends when we do. There is a very real feeling of family here.

What are you most passionate about as it relates to your position?
Service. Maintaining a feeling of being relaxed while giving fine dining service.

Could you share one of your favorite guest stories?
One night I saw a man approach a couple that was coming into the restaurant to dine. He looked like he was asking for money. I went out and told him that he couldn’t ask our guests for money, but that if he needed food I would get him some. I went to the bar to put an order in for him. By then, the couple that he had approached was sitting at the bar. They told me that if I was getting food for the gentleman that they would like to put it on their check. I told them that I couldn’t do that but it really meant a lot to me that they would even offer. It is very refreshing to see truly good people.

What is one of your favorite lessons learned while working for Noble Food & Pursuits?
If you are not a great leader you will not be able to train or bring in great leaders. If you are struggling to bring in good people, you need to assess yourself first.

What is your recipe for a good time?
My girlfriend, a good movie, a bottle of red wine and a ribeye - that is the recipe for one of my favorite evenings.

And finally...

What is one thing you'd like for people to know about your location that they might not already know?
We have some great areas for large parties. We are capable of hosting 100+ people for dinner.

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